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Metropolitan of Strumica Naum: Problems with reasoning

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 Some people really have a problem with their reason. Their reason is not spiritual. And, that is obvious. By the way, it is one thing to have spiritual reason (reasoning), and intellectual reasoning is quite another thing; you will understand this further in the text. How does the problem of reason arise?

In today’s Gospel reading we read: “From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say; Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4: 12-17).

Repentance is, in essence, a rethinking (change of mind); when our mind in the initial state of being proud, unfocused and darkened; is transfigured in conjunction with God’s uncreated grace, to become humble, whole and enlightened; This is how and when we acquire spiritual reason.

We have said that the mind has one energy with which it performs two functions: primary and secondary. In the primary function, the mind directs its energy to God, and in the secondary function it directs its energy to the creation.

Man uses the primary function of the mind for communication – for a relationship and communion with God. The secondary function is used by man to communicate with the creation, with the created living beings. The secondary function of the mind is called reason.

The secondary function of the mind – reason, functions properly only if the primary function of the mind also functions properly, i.e. if the deific energy and light of God are united with the human energy, which (when) is directed towards God, at the time when we use the primary function of the mind, and when in this union of energies the human energy is transfigured and enlightened..


This is the state of enlightenment of the mind and an end of the dualism in man; an end to the inner division and it is a sense of detachment from this world; and an end to the crucial influence of the world on the energy of our mind (reason).

In simple words, only an enlightened mind (reason), through the prayer of the mind in the heart, in the Church, can reason correctly in the communication with God and in the communication with this world and its occurrences. I have written about this many times.

Now, the reason (reasoning) that is not spiritual, i.e. one which is not enlightened, is determined by the (follows its) state of the mind; It is darkened, unfocused and proud; schizophrenic and paranoid.

Proud reason does not rely on God and faith, and the trust in God, but relies on a lot of information, relies on itself and its own thinking.

Proud reason is without obedience and therefore constantly hungry for new information.

On the other hand, the proud, unfocused and darkened reason (reasoning) has no enlightenment through which it can recognise the veracity or falsity of information, and therefore it becomes even more confused and darkened, and man suffers in paranoia.

We can sympathize for the people with unenlightened reason – such as religious sociopaths, especially in times like ours; they suffer themselves and they confuse others. Instead of only once, they relive the apocalypse every day.


Most-Holy Bogorodica (Birth-Giver-of-God), save us!

Metropolitan of Strumica Naum

(24.01.2021 16:58)

Photo by: Fr. Gavril Galev

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