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Авва Памво

| July 31, 2021

На Нитриската Гора живееше и блажениот Памво. учител на епископот Диоскор, на браќата Амониј, Евсевиј и Евтимиј, и на Ориген, роднината на Драконт, човек прекрасен и славен. Памво имаше многу, многубројни и различни добродетели и превосходства, но меѓу неговите големи добродетели особено се истакнуваше оваа добродетел: големиот презир кон златото и среброто, каков што бара […]


| July 26, 2021

~+~ This great Archangel of God is celebrated on March 26. On this day however, he is celebrated and honoured for his appearances and miracles throughout the entire history of man’s salvation. It is believed that this celebration was first established on Mount Athos in the ninth century, during the reign of the Emperor Basil […]

Why do we not receive the God-Man Christ? – Metropolitan of Strumica Naum

| July 25, 2021

~+~ The example of the people from the region of Gadarenes shows us that the swine were more important to them, i.e. the passions of covetousness and love of pleasures, rather than Christ. And those passions are the ones that are called ”  rough (obvious) passions” through which the demon attacks first and holds every […]

Зошто не Го примаме Богочовекот Христос? – Митрополит Струмички Наум

| July 25, 2021

~+~ Примерот со луѓето од земјата Гадаринска ни покажува дека ним им беа поважни свињите, т.е. страстите среброљубие и сластољубие, отколку Христос. А, тие страсти се оние што се нарекуваат погруби и преку кои демонот најнапред го напаѓа и го држи заробен секој човек. Што ли да речеме за посуптилната страст на умот, како што […]

Deification as the goal of our life (Part Two) – Father Gavril Galev

| July 24, 2021

~+~ Anthropological aspect  Man was created by God and he accomplishes fullness of his existence in God only. In His creative act; of all the created beings, only man was created in God’s image and likeness. Within the divine image itself is contained the divine likeness, which man should attain and for which he is […]