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Metropolitan of Strumica, Naum: Sunday of St. John of the Ladder

| April 11, 2021

~+~ Refer: Mark 9, 14-31   Ascetic faith and trust in God is one thing, and faith through grace is another. Ascetic prayer is one thing and graceful prayer is another. Ascetic love for our neighbours (fellow man) is one thing, and graceful love is another. The same applies for the struggle in all other […]

Митрополит Струмички Наум: Недела на свети Јован Лествичник

| April 11, 2021

~+~ (Марко 9, 14-31)   Едно е аскетска вера и доверба во Господ, а друго е благодатна вера. Едно е аскетска молитва, а друго е благодатна молитва. Едно е аскетска љубов кон нашите ближни, а друго е благодатна љубов. Истото важи и за подвигот во сите други добродетели. Што точно значи тоа? На првиот степен […]

Adoration of the Holy Cross – Metropolitan of Strumica, Naum

| April 9, 2021

~+~ Refer: Mark 8:34 – 9:1   “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.” (Mark 8:34).   The Cross of Christ is our voluntary and involuntary sufferings, which we endure with humility and gratitude for the communion with the God-Man Christ. Only these sufferings, […]

КРСТОПОКЛОНА НЕДЕЛА – Митрополит Струмички Наум

| April 5, 2021

~+~ Maрко 8:34 – 9:1   „Ако некој сака да оди по Мене, нека се одрече од себе, нека го земе крстот свој и нека врви по Мене!“ (Марко 8, 34). Крст Христов се нашите волни и неволни страдања, кои со смирение и благодарност ги трпиме заради заедницата со Богочовекот Христос. Само овие страдања, не […]

The Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts – Fr. Gavril (Galev)

| April 4, 2021

~+~ The Divine Liturgy in one hand is a real life environment, and on the other hand, a source from which we feed with everlasting food. Therefore we need to live in such a liturgical atmosphere and eat that food. That is why the Lord, before He was crucified, before He died on the Cross, […]