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Let us not forget the role of St. John, who preached repentance, before whom people repented and confessed their sins and were baptised – Fr. Gavril

| January 20, 2019

This is a precious day, a great day for the world and for mankind:- Epiphany. On this day, God manifested (was revealed) Himself to humanity offering peace and deliverance. On this day, the whole creation rejoiced because God renewed the fallen man and the world through the water. With the Baptism of the Lord in […]


| January 19, 2019

Ова е непроценлив ден, голем ден за светот и човекот. Богојавление.  На овој ден Бог се (об)јави на паднатотото човештво нудејќи му мир и избавување. На овој ден сета твар се радуваше затоа што Бог преку водата го обнови паднатиот човек и светот.

Вистинска среќа – Викарен Епископ Јаков Полјански

| January 18, 2019

Светото Предание на Црквата е израз на најавтентичниот нејзин живот и секогаш има длабока смисла, и секогаш без исклучок ја изразува и треба да ја изразува Црквата, бидејќи се раѓа и создава внатре, во нејзините прегратки. Во однос на обичаите и чисто човечките традиции Црквата имала еклектичен (селективен) однос и ги припојувала кон своето Предание […]

Lord, do not charge them with this sin

| January 11, 2019

On this day we celebrate the memory of Saint Stephen – Apostle, Archdeacon and First Martyr. Saint Stephen was a young man, one of the seven deacons chosen by the apostles to help them in the service of God and for the distribution of gifts. In regard to St. Stephen the Holy Scriptures in the Acts […]

Christ is born! Truly He is born!

| January 6, 2019

The Holy Church celebrates the nativity of Christ, with great honour, as one of the most important events in the history of mankind. Because if Christ did not become incarnate and was not begotten, our salvation would not have been real. The birth of Christ gives meaning to human life. Christ was born as a […]