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A Few Simple Remarks – Metropolitan of Strumica, Naum

| February 9, 2021

~+~  Proud psyche (reasoning) cannot rely on trust in God, humility and obedience to the spiritual father, i.e. It does not want to grow, mature and learn in God and through God, but by itself and through itself, and, that is why it needs new information and a lot of it, as well as knowledge, […]

Gnomes i.e. Thoughts – Metropolitan of Strumica Naum

| February 9, 2021

~+~ The Son of God, during the incarnation – from the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, took on Himself all human nature; He took a body, a rational and intelligent soul, as well as their properties … He took everything except sin, more precisely, except the susceptibility to sin. In the God-Man Christ there […]